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"Romans 8:28

NanoMEMS +Hector J. De Los Santos, hector j de los santos, hector de los santos, Consultant, Contractor, Power Electronics,  RFIC, MMIC, HFSS, ADS, AWR, Passive RF, Microwave, mmWave, THz Circuit Analysis, Design, Manufacturing, Semiconductor Device Physics and Modeling, Internet of Things (IoT), Emerging Device Simulation, Feasibility Studies, RF MEMS Devices, Circuits, and Sensor Design and Manufacturing, Foundry Support, Phase Shifters, Phased Array Antennas, Worst Case Circuit Analysis, Proposal Writing, Technical Writing, Technical Program Management, Nanotechnology, Scientific Computing, FORTRAN, Software Development, Software Testing, Nanophotonics Device Analysis, Design, Fabrication, Solar Cell Analysis, Energy Harvesting, Quantum Transport, GaN Circuit Analysis, Design and Manufacturing, Nanoelectromechanical Device Analysis, Design, Fabrication, Plasmonic Devices, RF Dorrective Action, Secure Wireless Communications System, Patent design, Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals, Root-cause Analysis, Craftng

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